Trippo 2.2.1

Translate any phrase and get it spoken back to you


  • Lightweight application file
  • Very simple to use
  • Wide selection of languages
  • Speaks translations back to you


  • Translations aren't always accurate
  • Can be costly if you don't have a data plan

Very good

Trippo is a mobile translation tool that can translate phrases in more than 20 languages.

Using Trippo is very easy. You just key in the phrase you wish to translate in the top box and select your language and the one you want to translate to. Hit the 'Translate' button and you'll see the phrase written in the other language in the lower box. You can even get the text spoken to you if you hit the 'Speak' button. If you like, you can send the text translation over SMS and the audio one via MMS.

The range of languages in Trippo is very impressive. As well as the ones you'd expect (English, French, German, Spanish, etc.), Trippo supports translations for languages such as Somali, Pashto, Persian and Hausa. Note that the software doesn't provide spoken translations for all of the languages.

Tiny translator

The beauty of Trippo is that it's very lightweight (the file is just 324 Kb), so it doesn't need much memory. The reason the file size is so small for a translation app, is that Trippo is client-server-based. This means that all of the translations are carried out online rather than from a local database. So, beware if you're using the app without a data plan, especially if you plan to use it abroad, because those connection fees can get very expensive!

Of course, like all language applications, Trippo isn't perfect and can't guarantee word perfect translations. However, it's probably good enough for the person you're conversing with to at least get the gist of what you want to say.

Hopefully, in future versions of Trippo, the developer will add a spell-check feature because the program currently doesn't detect mistakes you make in the text you write.

Trippo is an excellent application to have in your pocket when you go traveling abroad. Just remember about those roaming data rates!



Trippo 2.2.1

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